No setup fees. No monthly fees. No contracts. No downloads.

What is 'iSend' Messaging Services?

iSend provides the ability to send simple group payment requests/reminders, branded text communication, promotions via pictures/coupons, videos and more to specific groups of people in real-time. 

How does it work?

Once you sign up for a free demo, you will be able to choose a free phone number from any major city in the USA or CANADA. Your members simply text the word 'join' to your iSend phone number and are automatically categorized into your predefined groups.  From here you can easily send bulk communication or payment requests via text message to your groups as you need. 

Get creative with iSend!

Here are just a few examples of how iSend is being used by specific businesses:

Dance Studios:

Watch Dance Video

Reminders, cancellations and changes


Watch Restaurants Video

Broadcast specials, coupons, maps


Watch Schools Video

Teacher / parent / student accountability

HTML app template
HTML app template


Watch Corporate Video

Seminar sign-ups, lead generation, more


Watch Churches Video

Send information to leadership / members

Sports Teams:

Watch Sports Video

Game changes: advise parents/players

Features and Benefits:

Get Paid Faster!

No more chasing payments: The most beneficial feature of iSend is the ability to send out payment requests to specific groups for specific items in real time. Whether a School needs to collect pizza money, or a Dance Studio needs to collect outfit money - iSend makes it easy! Simply specify the group you require the payment from, specify the amount and... send. Then, watch as your payments roll in. iSend also includes a 'Nudge' button to send 1 click reminders to those who might have forgotten along the way of life. Payments and tracking have never been so easy!

Here are a few more of our features and benefits!


Lightening fast speeds. Sign up for our free demo and give it a try to see for yourself!


Customers or members text 'join' to your assigned number. They've just joined.

Automated Unsubscribes

Don't fret! We automatically manage any unsubscribed members for you.

Rollover Credits

Didn't use all your credits? No problem! We auto-roll your credits to the next month.

1500 carriers worldwide!

iSend is connected around the globe. From the Grand Canyon to the Rocky Mountains!

Full usage details

Every text in and out of your account is documented and archived for reference.

Facebook and Twitter

Auto-post public group notices to your Facebook or Twitter accounts!

Text files to people

iSend allows you to send videos, pdf files, images and much more!

GeoTrust Encryption

Our security is on par with all major financial institutions around the world.

Pay as you go

There are no obligations. We welcome your business - when you need it!

Brand your Text Messages

Turn branding on and every message you send out will include your logo.

Simple to use

iSend was built to be simple to use. Our engines do the heavy lifting for you!

Tips for leveraging iSend

Get even more out of iSend by connecting it to other systems that you already use. Here are just a few examples:

  • Help your customers pay on time by sending a reminder link that takes them to your website’s e-commerce area.
  • Help members register online by adding a link to redirect them to your registration system.
  • Use #hashtags in your public messages to leverage online social media groups and get free advertising.
  • At seasons end, send out your website link to previous members to foster return business.
  • Send coupons to customers directly or link and leverage 3rd party services to grow your business (such as Groupon etc)

No setup fees. No monthly fees. No contracts. No downloads.

iSend is entirely pay-as-you-go!

Contact Us

Have questions? We'd be happy to help. Check out our frequently asked questions area for more information, send us an email or give us a call anytime.

Already a client? Send us a question through the support feature built right into your administrative login area. We're here and happy to help in any way we can!

Partnerships! Interested in an exciting new opportunity? iSend is offering some of the lowest cost franchise opportunities on the planet! Interested in learning more? Contact us for details.

Is there anything we've missed or do you have ideas for how to make this even better? We'd love to hear your feedback. Drop us a line at:

iSend is owned and operated by Waterloo Creative Inc.

Contact us by phone:

Waterloo: 1-888-838-1733
San Fran: 1-650-278-4562
New York: 1-646-362-5435

We're located at:
133 Weber Street North. Suite: 211.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Frequently asked questions

Why try the demo?

We're confident you'll love iSend. So confident we want you to test drive it to see for yourself! We provide 1 free phone number with all demo accounts and 50 free credits to try out. Once logged in, simply have people text the word: join to your iSend phone number. It's that easy. They're now a part of your subscribe list and will receive notifications when you send messages through the iSend interface!

How can I segment my audience by interests?

Once a user subscribes to your number, they'll receive a text message back with a link to complete their registration. Once the user clicks the link, they're provided a form to complete that includes their name, email address and more. In addition, they're asked questions related to what groups they are interested in. You can now send market segmented information directly to each of these interest groups.

What does it cost? Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts. There are no monthly fees or packages. It's all pay as you go. You purchase bulk credits as you need them. When you run out, you can buy more at anytime. Prices vary based on volume. If you require more than 1000 credits, please contact us for bulk rates.

Can you describe some of the features and benefits of iSend?

You'll receive: 1 phone number for any major city in the U.S. or Canada, the ability to custom brand the interface with your logo, branded outbound text messages, rollover credits, easy join options for your subscribers, unlimited contacts, interest group segmentation, built in link shortener, auto-number capture, setup in minutes, no special downloads or apps required, detailed contact capture, post to Facebook/Twitter, auto-unsubscribe, full usage details in realtime, message archiving, a pay as you go / no contract account, 1 free demo phone number and 50 free credits to test-drive and support!

What is the auto number capture?

This feature captures the caller identification of the user texting your line and provides an instant response to them. In addition, it adds the user's phone number into the history tracking area of iSend for your records.

Will my number remain active if I only use my account once every few months?

Yes paid accounts will remain active for as long as you are using your account. If your account is inactive for at least 3 months we will send you some reminders in the following 10 days to give you a chance to activate it. After that period expired if the account is still inactive we will deactivate the account and clean all credits from it.

Why not just use Facebook or Twitter?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, everything in iSend is private. The only people viewing your messages are those you've given your assigned iSend number to. In addition, iSend acts to save you time by not having to provide responses to every response. It's a broadcast system, and as such, it's meant to communicate the message in one direction -out- extremely fast. It was built for effective, immediate one way communication. Having said that, there is an option to immediately post any messages to Facebook or Twitter should you choose to send both private and public messages.